Appendix 5 - 1 Fighter Wing losses to enemy action

Note: In order to emphasise the analytical pattern, this table includes cases where Spitfires were not lost to gunfire but to CSU failure while evading a bounce (Varney & Richardson), cases where the Spitfire was not destroyed but merely belly-landed and repaired (Mawer and Clark), and one case where the Spitfire was not shot down but manoeuvred into the ground (Little). Lloyd & MacDonald could arguably be included in the dogfight column as they were hit while attempting to flee a dogfight. On that basis, seven Spitfires maximum were lost because of dogfighting.

Date Surprised while attacking bombers or re-positioning Hit while dogfighting Hit while diving away attempting to disengage from fighters Hit by bomber return fire Unknown
15-Mar Thorold-Smith, Lloyd, Cooper, Varney        
2-May   Gifford, Fox, Farries Goldsmith   McNab
10-May   Little      
28-May Blake, Beale        
20-Jun Ruskin-Rowe, Nichterlein Mawer   Hughes  
28-Jun Clark        
30-Jun Harker, Laundy, Wellsman     Holmes  
6-Jul Wickman, Richardson, Hamilton, Robinson, McDowell   Lloyd    
7-Sep Hinds, Tully   McDonald    
Totals 19 5 3 2 1